About Us PAC

Playford Aquatic Club is a Not for Profit Organisation, that trains all year round at the Aquadome, Elizabeth, South Australia.

The Club is an Affiliated Club of SwimmingSA, the governing body of Swimming in South Australia. 

Swimming is a sport for life.  A sport in which People of all ages and abilities can participate, and Playford Aquatic Club believes it can play an important part in teaching and encouraging children and adults of all abilities to be active.

Playford Aquatic Club promotes a progressive development programme for our swimmers which.

  • Encourages our members to set and achieve their goals
  • Encourages our members to perform to the best of their abilities at Local, State and National levels.
  • Promotes excellence in Pool, Open Water and Triathlon


MissionThe Playford Aquatic Club seeks to create the premier high-performance swimming program in the Northern suburbs.  We are committed to providing a happy team environment which creates and promotes increased participation for swimmers of all abilities and that provides the best possible professional support for them to reach their full potential


Vision – Our vision is to create a sporting club that is valued by the Community for its healthy, safe environment and a club that supports an active, fun and quality lifestyle  where the development of champion people is inevitable.

Our Values -

  • Teamwork

To work together, acknowledging that when we work together we are our greatest strength, and to facilitate an environment of acceptance, respect and trust.

  • Integrity

To conduct ourselves professionally, ethically and honestly in all that we do.

  • Improvement

To continually seek ways to improve on what we currently have.

  • Enjoyment

To foster and encourage social activity and participation in a safe protected environment for all Club Members.

  • Community

To promote a sport that can make a difference to the lives of the local community by contributing to their physical and social wellbeing.

Our Practices:

  • Playing Fair
  • Treating everyone with respect
  • Abiding by the Rules
  • Being Drug Free
  • Discouraging inappropriate behaviour
  • Improving Relationships between all